Preventing Mother to Child Transmission

Informe de la Sesión de la Coalición Chagas en la última reunión COR-NTD en National Harbor, Washington. Noviembre 2019

12 February 2020

Every year, around 9,000 infants are born with congenitally transmitted Chagas disease. Preventing mother-to-child transmission of the disease has been prioritized by the Pan American Health Organization as part of a framework to eliminate communicable diseases in the Americas. Current therapeutic tools are effective at preventing congenital transmission and curing infection in infants, but the diagnostic process remains cumbersome and presents major challenges. This session consisted of four presentations focused on elimination of congenital transmission, after which three parallel group discussions took place. 

The session was organized by the Chagas Coalition, an international alliance of several organizations dedicated to improving the reality of people affected y Chagas disease through advocating for access to diagnosis and treatment, greater visibility of the disease, and increased investment in public health programs and research. 

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