Events 2018

Agenda of the most relevant Regional and International Events for Chagas Community


Eventos 2018

Month Event date Location Event name Comments
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Feb 1 Brussels, Belgium Global Health Policy Forum It brings together interested parties (from industry, NGOs, international organisations). civil society organisations
March  1--4 Bos Aires, Arg. 18th Intl. Congress of Infect. Diseases. S.A.D.I  
March  7 Barcelona, Spain Chagas Coalition Meeting Main annual gathering of Coalition members and allies
March  8 Barcelona, Spain XIV Taller sobre la Enfermedad de Chagas. ISGlobal The annual main Chagas workshop which gathers the most relevant actors and researchers. 
March  21--23 Medellín, Colombia 3ª. Reunión Colombiana de invest. en Leishmania y Chagas. PECET y CIMPAT   Annual Event of PECET Univ. de Antioquia, and CIMPAT. Univ. de los Andes.
April 14--18 Xalapa, Mexico Asamblea Mundial de FINDECHAGAS The biannual meeting of the Chagas affected people associations.  
April  10--12 Geneva, Switzerland 7th Geneva Health Forum Coalition members participating with research presentations.
May 3--4 Washington, US. PAHO. Chagas Disease in the America.  A review of the current public health situation and vision for the future. The Coalition is invited to participate
May 21--26 Geneva, Switzerland 71th World Health Assembly Next steps to promote World Chagas Day
Aug 25--29  Munich, Germany ESC Congress. European Society of Cardiology  May include Chagas migrants
Aug 16--17 Singapore, Singapore 11th World Pediatric Congress.  
Sept 3--4 Sao Paulo, Brasil BIO Latin America Conference A venue to explore the innovation and partnering opportunities in Latin America’s life science industry.  
Sept 2--5 Olinda,Pernambuco, Brasil MEDTROP, Congreso. Soc. Brasileña Med. Tropical  
Aug--Dec   Central and South America PAHO-Sub-Regional Initiatives Meetings Important participation of  Coalition in the 4 Regional Initiative Meeting. 
Oct Still pending Still to be defined CHAGAS PLATFORM DNDi  R+D Workshop Coalition
Oct 3--5 Bad Hofgastein, Austria European Heatlth Forum Gastein Gathering of Health leading UE representants and orgs.; Possible window to scaling up Chagas in UE agenda.
Oct Still pending Bos Aires, Argentina Mundo Sano.XIX Simposio Internacional sobre Enfermedades Desatendidas Relevant annual event hosted by Mundo Sano Foundation. 
Oct-Nov 28 Oct-1 Nov. New Orleans, US 67th ASTMH and COR-NTDs annual meetings Main annual for Tropical Diseases experts with significant Coalition participation.
Nov 15--16 Antigua, Guatemala 26 Cumbre Iberoamericana de Jefas y Jefes de Estado2018 Main political biannual gathering of PMs of Latin American countries + Spain and Portugal. 
Dec  3--5 Dubai, UAE World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health 2018 Focused this year on WHO global goal of reducing premature mortality from cardiovascular disease by 25% by 2025 
Dec  Still pending Santiago de Chile Congreso Sociedad Chilena de Parasitología  Important to network with Chilean Chagas Program.