Barcelona. XIII Workshop on Chagas Disease. (Applications Open)

Advances in the treatment and care of the Chagas disease. Deadline for oral presentations is January 25th, 2017.

10 March 2017

Sala Paranimf, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Barcelona (Casanova, 143)

Deadline for oral presentations submission is January 25th, 2017.

In accordance with the data of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Chagas disease is one of the 17 neglected and forgotten illnesses of the planet. 6 million people suffer from it and there are near 35,800 new cases every year. More than 7,000 people die annually because of this illness. Nevertheless the Chagas disease is still a neglected illness both in the endemic countries and those regions where it is considered an emergent illness, such as the United States, Japan or Australia.

The title of this new edition is "Advances in treatment and attention of the of the Chagas disease".

Who Should Attend

Health, social and laboratory professionals.


Scientific Committee: Marcelo Abril, Belkisyolé Alarcon, Mª Jesús Pinazo, Montserrat Portús, Isabela Ribeiro, M.Carmen Thomas, Faustino Torrico.

Organising Committee: Montserrat Gállego, Joaquim Gascon, Jordi Gómez i Prat, Silvia Moriana, Carme Roca,  M. Carmen Thomas,  Leonardo de la Torre, M. Jesús Pinazo, Ethel Sequeira, Elizabeth Posada, Ivette Fernández.

Activity of Health Care Interest

This workshop is officially recognised as an activity of health care interest by the Catalan Council for Continuing Medical Education.

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