Centro per le Malattie Tropicali (CMT)

Tropical Diseasee Center

The Centre for Tropical Diseases is located at "Sacro Cuore- Don G. Calabria" Hospital in Negrar (Verona), the Department consists of 12 beds for the diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases and other imported diseases. The Department also admits patients with parasitic diseases that are not necessarily due to international travels. The outpatient service offers pre-travel advise at the Travel Clinic to around 1000 people a year whereas the post-travel consultations are more than 4000. Migrants, long and short term travellers, expatriates can access to the Centre for health problems. The Centre promotes screening for tropical diseases (parasitic and not) in migrant population, refugees and parasitic screening also for local population. Concerning Chagas disease the CMT promoted the screening for more than 3000 people since 2006 in various areas in Italy, particularly in the North. It contributed to the revision of transplant recommendations of the National Transplant Centre for the part concerning Chagas disease and in this regards also to the up-coming revision of the guidelines for blood transfusion. More than 90% of patient treated in Italy for Chagas disease are followed at CMT. The Epidemiological Service and Laboratory for Tropical Diseases at CMT is a reference Centre for the diagnosis of many parasitic diseases and also Chagas disease. The laboratory is doing internal and external quality control for Chagas disease diagnosis.

The CMT promoted to the creation of the Italian Association against Chagas disease (AILMAC) and it is a technical reference for this association.

The principal investigation lines are:

  • neglected tropical diseases and co-infections in migrant populations, (particularly strongyloidiasis, geohelminthiasis, schistosomiasis, filariasis and Chagas diseases)
  • diagnostic aspects in parasitology
  • medical decision making in the context of globalization and in tropical climates


Garantizando Derechos

Centro per le Malattie Tropicali (CMT), Negrar (Verona), Italy

Implementation of external quality control at tropical diseases reference laboratories

Centro per le Malattie Tropicali (CMT), Negrar (Verona), Italy