Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics

FIND is a nonprofit Foundation, recognized by the Swiss government as an "other International Organization". Our headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland, and we have offices in New Delhi, India, Kampala, Uganda, Hanoi, Vietnam and Cape Town, South Africa.
Diagnosis is a complex word, from a simple root: to seek knowledge. At FIND, this imperative – to listen and learn – is at the heart of how we turn complex diagnostic challenges into simple, streamlined solutions.
FIND is a mobilizer, bridge builder and enabler. From initial development through final implementation, we use our expertise and create efficient partnerships to ease every step of diagnosing poverty-related diseases – and this all begins with dialogue.
From the ground up, FIND designs and drives diagnostic solutions that are intuitive to use, easy to implement, and readily embraced by the whole community. We accelerate progress leading from diagnosis – accurate treatment, diseases stopped before they advance, and lower costs across the entire health system.


Developing new diagnostic solutions for Chagas disease

National Council of Scientific and Technological Research (INGEBI/CONICET), Argentina - FIND, Geneva, Switzerland