Fundación Mundo Sano

Mundo Sano is a non-profit organization whose vision is to transform the reality of the populations affected by neglected diseases. Chagas, soil-transmitted helminths, leishmaniasis and hydatidosis are some of the diseases that usually affect the most vulnerable sectors, bringing about serious consequences on the health of those suffering from them

Its mission is to develop effective management models that are replicable, scalable and transferable, through public-private partnerships, with multidisciplinary scientific research.

To that aim, Mundo Sano works with the communities affected and an important network of actors aimed at designing intervention programs. Within the framework of this goal, which is a long-term one and consists in sensitization, prevention, diagnosis and treatment actions, it generates scientific evidence and solutions intended to solve several health problems.

Actions are carried out in strategic spots in Argentina, Spain and Ethiopia, and in partnerships with authorities, universities, scientists, civil society organizations, private sector actors and international organizations.

The results of community actions and the research carried out on site are being constantly assessed and disseminated through specialized journals, manuals and dissemination material and in other environments for discussion, since they constitute a clear contribution to scientific knowledge.