The Chagas Coalition participated in the main PAHO and Regional Annual Meetings in Latin America

Meetings with PAHO and National programas from IPA (Andean countries); IPCAM (Central American) and INCOSUR (SouthAmerican)

12 October 2017

During 2017, The Chagas Global Coalition has regularly participated in the main annual meetings hold by PAHO and the national programs attending to the Regional Latin American Initiatives (Andean countries, IPA, in July in Bogota; Central American, IPCAM, in August in Panama; South American INCOSUR, in September in Montevideo)


The Coalition has increased its presence in these meetings in its role as international interlocutor and has represented or workeded together with their members. It's an opportunity to bring the Coalition members' expertise, to facilitate the knowlede sharing and to spread our common messages.


This year, the meeting of IPA (Andean countries) in Bogota was one of the most relevant, when the Coalition witnessed the advances and challenges of the National authorities to accelerate the access of patients of Chagas to a comprehensive care in several regions of the country through a pilot project supported by our colleagues DNDi. It was also estimulating to observe the new expectations and frameworks facilitated by the peace process.


For the Coalition, this is a relevant opportunity to share and make available the information, presentations and conclusions made to all their members and allies. If you are interested in having copies of documents and slides shown in these meetings, you may ask for them by mail to the address below.