Our Vision

A world where Chagas Disease is controlled and universal access to treatment becomes a reality

Our Goals and Objectives

The Coalition’s mission is to increase awareness of Chagas disease through greater political commitment on the part of policy makers in the affected countries and to call for greater access to treatment for patients and a commitment to provide the funds needed to finance interventions (including treatment programmes) and research and development of new tools and drugs.

The Global Chagas Coalition objective is to promote access to diagnosis and treatment for patients with Chagas disease and to stimulate innovation and encourage global efforts to develop new tools to fight the disease.

This objective will be achieved by pursuing three more specific objectives related to Chagas disease:


  1. Accelerate access to treatment and prevention in affected countries
  2. Increase in global funding for screening, diagnostic and treatment programmes;
  3. Increase the contributions supporting R&D programmes.


Our Strategy

Our principal strategy is an advocacy and a visibility campaign aimed at raising awareness about Chagas disease, calling attention to the issues, and mobilising support for the Coalition’s strategic objectives. The first one, in order to increase the visibility of the problem to a level commensurate with the real burden of Chagas disease and to mobilise the resources necessary to overcome current barriers to treatment. The second one, aimed at informing and educating civil society (to stimulate demand for diagnosis and treatment) and health professionals (to increase the provision of integral care).

In addition, the Coalition will work to foster synergies between key actors working to combat Chagas disease. It will collaborate in the task of mapping who is doing what, identifying best practices that can be shared among actors, and promoting the active involvement of all actors in the agreed roadmap.

Ultimately, the success of this project will depend on the ability of the key stakeholders—including policymakers and donors—to put in place the policies and funding needed to increase patient access to integrated treatment and support scientific advances.