Deployment Project

DNDi. Venue: Rua Santa Heloisa, 05. Jardim Botânico 20040-080 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brazil

Area of Activity: Treatment
Type of Project: Research & Translation

Colombia and Mexico: Contribute to improve access to diagnosis and treatment of people with Chagas disease.


  1. Support in elaborating and stablishing a roadmap for the health care of people with Chagas disease in Colombia
  2. Design together with the Chagas program a pilot project to help implement the roadmap of public health care to people
  3. Support training and capacity building of human resources in health care for people
  4. Support the registration of medicines at country level
  5. Support in the validation of a new diagnostic protocol for confirmation of Chagas disease


  1. Support organizing a meeting to help improve care for people with Chagas disease
  2. Accompany a project of care for people as diagnosis and treatment in the General Hospital of Mexico City, a collaborative project between UNAM and General Hospital.
  3. Support Education and training of hospital staff


Instituto Nacional de Salud de Colombia


Los Angeles University


Programa Nacional de Colombia y Mexico (CENAPRECE)

Colombia y Mexico