CHAGAS DISEASE - Ending the Silence


Hotel Intercontinental, Geneva (Ballroom B).

Chagas Disease is a neglected tropical disease affecting around 7 million people in 42 countries. It is often referred to as the ‘silent killer’ because it can remain undetected for years before it causes the severe heart and gastrointestinal problems that can ultimately kill those who do not receive treatment. It is also called ‘silent‘ for another reason – those it affects are often the poorest and most marginalized in society with no political voice or access to treatment. It is for this reason that such a significant public health concern has been pushed aside for so long.  

WHF in collaboration with the Chagas Coalition is working to 'End the Silence' around Chagas. This event will consist of an informal, in-depth discussion with a panel including patients, Chagas experts, government representatives, and policy makers - and aims to give exposure to testimonials from patients living with the disease and to discuss the major hurdles preventing access to quality care and treatment. We hope to highlight the principles of the Santa Cruz Letter and discuss how the global health community can best move forwards to eradicate Chagas Disease.

12:00 – 12:10 Welcome/ Introduction.  

Professor Pablo Perel Senior Science Advisor, World Heart Federation & London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine  &  Javier Sancho, Global Coalition

12:10 – 12:25 

Prelude on Awareness and Living with Chagas Disease Patient Interview– Javier Sancho and Ermita Roca (mother and children affected and treated by Chagas)

12:25- 12:30

Delivery of Signatures Collected through Online Petition for Chagas World Day by Patient Federation Representative.

12:30 – 13:15. Panel. The main challenges ahead on Chagas disease

                         Moderator:  Dr. Julio Croda. Director of the Department of    

                                              Surveillance of Infectious Diseases 

Will invite panelists to respond direct questions (Where do we come from; Where we are; Where are we going?


 Pedro Albajar, World Health Organization  

  Surveillance, Data reporting and follow up in Chagas disease. 

  Working for the new Roadmap.   15 minutes

María Jesus Pinazo. Bolivia-Barcelona Chagas Platform.

Expand access to diagnosis and treatment of the disease within the framework of health systems.   15 minutes


Nathalie  Strub-Wourgaft    

R+D to accomplish SDGs. 15 minutes

13.15-13.45. Questions and Inputs from experts among the public about the 4 topics addressed. (Patient Associations; State Members; WHO; Pharma; DNDi)

13.45-14:00. Other public questions and Noisy Closure to break the silence of Chagas.