COR-NTD en Nueva Orleans

La Coalición coordinará la Sesión: “Innovación para la integración de proyectos de Chagas en sistemas de salud”


Nueva Orleans

La Coalición comoderará la sesión en Innovación para la integración de proyectos de Chagas en sistemas de salud. Tendrá lugar el 26 de octubre a las 13: 00 horas en el Marriot de New Orleans, US.

Esperamos contar con la presencia de todas aquellas personas que puedan registrarse en la COR-NTD mediante invitación

Una vez registrados elegir entre las tres sesiones de trabajo disponibles,  la que coordina la Coalición, titulada Innovative Strategies for Comprehensive Transmission Control and Care of Chagas disease in Health Networks.

La COR-NTD se celebra en conjunto, como en años anteriores con la reunión anual de la ASTHM.

Más información/More information:

Innovative Strategies for the Comprehensive Transmission Control and Care of Chagas disease in Health Networks.

Session Date:                 October 26

Session Time:                1:00 pm – 4:00pm

Session Location:                  

Session Description:    The overall aim of the session is to share new strategies of implementing the comprehensive Transmission Control and care of Chagas diseases in health networks in different countries with affected population. The goals of the session include: 1) Presenting  Innovative Transmission Control initiatives with health systems and communities engagement, both in Vector Control and in Mother to Child Transmission Control, taking into account that Transmission Control in Chagas is the first step towards elimination; 2) Discussing the outcomes in terms of commitment and active participation of Health Structures and Communities in these initiatives; 3) To present innovative models to integrate comprehensive care of Chagas disease in Health system networks in countries like Bolivia, Colombia and Guatemala. 4). Practice workshop on participatory methodologies for the building of needs assessment  involving all actors working on operational research process. 


Session Chairs:        Javier Sancho, Chagas Disease Global Coalition

                              Sergio Sosa-Estani, DNDi

Session Rapporteur:   María Elena Bottazzi. Baylor College of Medicine.


Transmission Control as a first step towards Elimination. Vector Control Virtual Lab
(20 m)

Janine M. Ramsey. Centro Regional de Investigación en Salud Pública INSP, Chiapas, México.

To integrate Mother to Child Transmission Control in health interventions and structures. PAHO ETMI-Plus and Operational Models. 
(20 m)

Marcelo Abril (Mundo Sano)

Implementing Innovative Models of Comprehensive Care for Chagas’ Disease in Health Systems
(20 m)

Colin Forsyth (DNDi)


Inclusive research – Science with and for Society: Practical workshop and active discussion on participatory methodologies for involving stakeholders in (i) the development of needs assessment and (ii) operational research process. (30 m)

 María Jesús Pinazo

Anne-Sophie Gresle

(ISGlobal and Bolivia Chagas Platform).

Coffee Break

14:30 – 15:00

Discussion :

  •            How these initiatives and strategies could be successful in different contexts?

  •            How the operation research could provide an added value to the initiatives and tools to integrate Control and Care

  •            What lessons learned could improve the models and the tools?

  •            Realistic time frameworks to measure success and to evaluate Control and Access to care progress towards elimination.