Reunión Anual de la Coalición y XV Jornada sobre Chagas

04 marzo 2019

El próximo 13 de marzo tendrá lugar la Reunión Anual de la Coalición Chagas. Tendrá lugar en el aula Manuel Corachán de la Facultad de Medicina, de la Universidad de Barcelona, en la Calle Casanova, 143. CP. 08036, Barcelona.


La Agenda Final será la siguiente:


Welcome. Annual Review and Annual Plans; New Governance Structure and Welcome New Members, Allies and Observers. 2 New members election for Steering Committee
By Javier Sancho and New Members.


-Working Group Plans for 2019 -Clinical Guidelines; Chagas Morbidity and Disability, Advocacy and Comms. 
-Access Plan Update
By Working Groups leaders.
And Marcelo Abril (FMS) & Michel Lotrowska (DNDi)  


Control/Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission through access to dx and tx for young women and children. A global priority (Implications of the Coalition). 15-15 minutes
By Pere Albajar & Grupo Técnico 6 de la OMS


Coffee and short dance.
“Shake it baby”


People Centered Approach. Affected People Voice Strengthening and Close Collaboration 15-15 minutes.
By Elvira Idalia Hernández. FINDECHAGAS and AMEPACH (México)


Awareness and Training for Medical Saff. 15.15 minutes
By Faustino Torrico


Conclusions and Recommendations from discussions in working groups. 


Al día siguiente, se celebrará la XV Jornada sobre la enfermerdad de Chagas, organizada por ISGlobal en el Paranimfo de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Barcelona.