Events in the month of World Chagas Disease Day 2023

03 April 2023

Events in the month of World Chagas Disease Day 2023
(This list of events will be updated periodically)

Por una infancia libre de Chagas Congénito. Cómo lograr interrumpir la transmisión maternoinfantil
Webinar for communicators and journalists on how to interrupt mother-to-child transmission of this neglected tropical disease. Participants: Chagas Global Coalition, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), DNDi, ISGlobal, Fundación Mundo Sano, CEADES and Cuida Chagas.
Date: April 12th ⏰ 08:00 h
Venue: Ciudad de México, México
Language: Español y Portugués
World Chagas Disease Day: Integrating Cardiac Services Into Primary Care
Webinar organized by WHF together with the Argentine Society of Cardiology on the eve of World Chagas Day. It explores how we can provide appropriate training to primary care workers to improve cardiomyopathy management, expand access to basic diagnostic tests, and work to improve referral pathways to essential cardiology services.
Date: April 13th ⏰ 16:00 CET
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: Spanish (English translation available)
Arquitectura y salud: Una alianza para el control de la enfermedad de Chagas
Webinar in commemoration of World Chagas Disease Day, organized by the Center for Research for Health in Latin America (CISeAL), in collaboration with the Vice Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador, the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE), the Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute at Ohio University (ITDIOU), and also with our coordinator  in the Chagas Global Coalition.
Date: April 14th ⏰ 10 h (Ecuador)
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: Spanish
4° Conversatorio de Comunicación y Chagas: Escenarios de comunicación digital
This World Chagas Disease Day, join the conversation with the Chagas National Program, the Ministry of Health of Argentina, the National Institute of Parasitology "Dr. Mario Fatala Chaben" and the group ¿De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de Chagas?. You are invited on Friday, April 14 to continue thinking, talking and discussing collectively everything about Chagas.
Meeting number: 2535 855 5702 Pass: @MSA111
More information: /
Date: April 14th ⏰ 9:30 (Argentina)
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: Spanish
III Webinar de Chagas en Japón por el Día Mundial del Chagas: Avances y desafíos para una atención integral
Chagas en Japón organizes this webinar, with the participation of Mrs. Kobashikawa, President of the Asociación Nipona de Afectados de Chagas (ANACHA), Dr. Ebisawa, specialist in infectious diseases at Kobe Hospital, Dr. Yoshioka, researcher at Nagasaki University and Dr. Moriya, a primary care physician.
Date: April 15th ⏰ 20 h (Japan) (13 h Spain / 7 h Bolivia)
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: Spanish, English y Portuguese
Chagas Disease in the United States
Free session on the topic: Voices of Chagas Disease: Patients and Physicians Discuss the Barriers to Care in the U.S. Join this UT Health San Antonio & ECHO (extension for community healthcare outomes) learning event.
Date: Abril 11th ⏰ 2-3:30 CST
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: English
Manejo integral de la Enfermedad de Chagas
Date: April 14th ⏰ 8 h a 15 h
Venue: Instituto de Medicina Tropical
Language: Spanish
Commemorative event in this World Chagas Day
Asociación Chagas Con Ciencia y Conocimiento A.C. invites you to this webinar, for professionals at the primary care, as well as health personnel involved in the subject, regarding the prevention, promotion, diagnosis, treatment, management and follow-up of the patient, under the theme "It is time to integrate Chagas disease care to the primary health network”.
Access code: 2594 194 5780 Pass: 2yvPVGwcm63
Date: April 14th ⏰ 8:45 to 15:10 (México)
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: Spanish
World Chagas Day Seminar
This event, co-organized by the Brazilian Embassy, San Diego State University, the University of California-San Diego, and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), will highlight advances and remaining challenges for Chagas disease and the many people it impacts throughout the world.
Date: April 14th ⏰ 9:00 PDT
Venue: San Diego, California / Online
Language: Portuguese / English
I Reunião Anual dos Grupos Técnicos em Doença de Chagas do Brasil
An event for the exchange of experiences, addressing relevant topics such as interoperability and comparability in time and space for the early detection and monitoring of Chagas disease, or a Single Health System as a solution to the lack of priority in the fight against triatomines.
Date: April 5th ⏰ 8:30 a 13 h (Brasilia)
Language: Portuguese
Commemorative event of the WCDD with a round table on "Primary Health Care - fundamental element for the care of people with Chagas disease" and the launching of the book: Brazil of the Future: A Tomorrow without Chagas. Organized by the Technical Group on Chagas Disease of the Brazilian Health Surveillance Secretariat (SVSA), with hybrid attendance online or in person at the Auditorium of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).
Date: April 14th ⏰ 9 to 12:20 h (Brazil)
Venue: OPAS, Brasília
Language: Portuguese
Ciclo Carlos Chagas de Palestras: ‘O novo normal pós-pandemia: impactos na #DoençaDeChagas’
The Oswaldo Cruz Institute (Fiocruz), streams this event in which several experts will discuss on how the health emergency caused by SARS-CoV-2 affected the care received by Chagas patients. They will also talk about new therapies to deal with the infection and the interaction between the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite and its host.
Date: April 13th ⏰ 9:30 h (Brazil)
Venue: Virtual (14-A In person)
Language: Portuguese
Dia Mundial da Doença de Chagas
The Secretary of Health of Pernambuco organizes this conference on the occasion of the World Day of Chagas disease.
Date: April 14th ⏰ 9 to 11 h (Pernambuco)
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: Portuguese
XVIII Workshop on Chagas disease
Event organized by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), free upon registration, and focused on the care of people living with T. cruzi infection. #JornadasChagas2023, a workshop for health, social, laboratory and public health personnel, in order to join efforts, ideas, knowledge and experience to advance in the control and elimination of Chagas disease.
Information / Contact to:
Date: April 11-12th
VenueBarcelona & Virtual
Language: Spanish
Ending the neglect of Chagas disease in the UK
Symposium on the situation of this neglected disease in the United Kingdom, with the participation of experts who will update the challenges ahead to eliminate this public health problem and innovate impact actions to improve health care. It is organized by the UK Chagas Hub and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) community, with the collaboration of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases.
Date: Abril 13th ⏰ 14 to 17 h BST
Venue: John Snow Lecture Theatre, London
Language: English
Editatón Editemos Chagas
Initiative of several synchronous and collaborative meetings in order to improve articles related to Chagas disease in Wikipedia. Promoted by the group ¿De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de Chagas? and organized by the Wikimedistas del Museo de La Plata (Argentina).
Date: April 7th & 14 th ⏰ 14 to 17 h BST
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: Spanish
Taller virtual sobre Enfermedad de Chagas
As a start point to the World Chagas Disease Day, Mundo Sano Foundation, with the International Federation of Associations of People Affected by Chagas Disease (FINDECHAGAS) and the association ACHACOVA, conducts this space where they analyze the situation of this neglected disease from a local approach to the global impact, focusing on the affected people in their community.
Date: April 8th
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: Spanish
#IWearTheTShirt of the World Chagas Disease Day
With a simple gesture, you can support the visibility of the fight against Chagas disease. Wear the World Chagas Day T-shirt and upload it to your social networks with the hashtags #IWearTheTShirt of the World Chagas Disease Day or #MePongoLaCamiseta of the World Chagas Disease Day. For further information, click HERE o go to
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