Events in the month of World Chagas Disease Day 2024

Events and other initiatives to bring awareness on the visibility of Chagas disease and break the silence that surrounds this neglected disease.

14 April 2023 - 14 April 2024

Events in the month of World Chagas Disease Day 2024
(This list of events will be updated periodically)

El Chagas Existe y Podemos Eliminarlo.
Webinar to raise awareness about this neglected tropical disease and address its forms of transmission and the ultimate goal of its elimination as a public health problem. This event is co-organized by thethe Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Chagas Global Coalition.
Date: April 10 th ⏰ 14 h (Argentina)
Venue: (Virtual / Online)
Language: Spanish
World Chagas Disease Day: Act, Action, Awareness!
The Ohio University organizes this event to help spread awareness and promote early treatment and prevention efforts against Chagas disease through art and paints.
Date: April 10th  10 - 13 h
Venue: Atrium Heritage Hall
Language: English
The Voices of Chagas Disease.
"Listen and learn from those living with Chagas and impacted by the kissing bug. A celebration for making a diference for this neglected tropical disease afecting millions around the world". Janeice Smith, President  and founder of The National Kissing Bug Alliance hosts this event with DNDi just a few days before the Wold Chagas Disease Day, celebrated every year on Abril 14th. More information and a full list of the co-hosts participating in this webinar, in the official poster.
Date: April 11
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: English
World Chagas Day: Necessity for early diagnosis and lifelong follow-up
The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH) will be hosting a webinar in honour of World Chagas Day. This webinar will feature a panel discussion from leading experts in the field of Chagas, Chaired by Dr María-Jesús Pinazo Delgado, physician, senior specialist in Internal Medicine and Head of Chagas at Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative - DNDi.
Date: April 11 th ⏰ 13-14:20
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: English
Congenital Chagas Disease: where are the knowledge and research gaps?
The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases organizes this online event with the participation of Dr Marina Gold (Anthropologist & CEO Mundo Sano Foundation) and Elise Rapp (Nurse, Biologist, PhD-student in Social Sciences University of Lausanne and HESAV, HES-SO, Switzerland).
Date: April 11th
Venue: (Virtual)
Dia Mundial da doença de Chagas: 115 anos da descoberta
After 115 years since the discovy o Chagas disease, Brazil has made evident progress through the implementation of national policies aimed at prevention and control of the disease.
Date: April 12
Venue: Câmara Municipal de São Luís de Montes Belos/GO (Brazil)
El profe sin miedo: una historia de Chagas
Photography exhibition on the story of the efforts made by the Government of Paraguay and also the communities affected by Chagas disease, against the silence around it, the parasitic disease that kills the most in Latin America.
Date: April 12 to 30
Venue: Plaza Infante Rivarola, Asunción (Paraguay)
Evento do Dia Mundial da Doença de Chagas (Fiocruz)
Date: April 15th
Venue: Auditório do ICC, Fiocruz Paraná (Brazil)
ACCESS ONLINE (Zoom) ID: 818 7310 6861 / Pass: CHAGAS2024
115 anos de descoberta da doença de Chagas
Webinar organized by the Departamento de Doenças Transmissíveis (DEDT) and the Secretaria de Vigiláncia em Saúde e Ambiente (SVSA), Governo Federal do Brasil, on the clinical trajectory of Chagas disease and the path towards a comprehensive and continuous diagnosis and care.
Date: April 16th
Lugar: (Virtual)
REGISTRATION (access only available 15 min before the event starts)
Día Mundial Chagas de la Enfermedad de Chagas: Que el Chagas no te dañe el corazón
The Ministry of Health and Social Protection, through their national development plan 2022-2026, "Colombia world power of life" organizes this conversation “to talk about comprehensive health care for those affected by Chagas disease, with stakeholders from the health system, the academia and those from international cooperation.”
ACCESS the event (Teams)
About the NDP (Plan Nacional de Desarrollo) (in Spanish)
Date: April 17 ⏰ 14 h (Colombia)
Venue: Ministry of Heath building / Virtual (Online)
Language: Spanish
5° Conversatorio Virtual de Comunicación y Chagas
The group ¿De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de Chagas? invites you to participate in this event, on Thursday, April 18, to continue thinking, talking and discussing collectively everything about Chagas. In this new edition the speakers will share experiences and reflections on "Art and creativity for Children".
More information:
Date: April 18 th ⏰ 10 h (Argentina)
Venue: (Virtual)
Language: Spanish
World Chagas Disease Day symposium
Join the UK Chagas Hub for this symposium on the occasion of the World Chagas Disease Day 2024, exploring Chagas disease in the UK.
Date: April 18th
Venue: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Language: English
II Editatón de Wikipedia: Editemos Chagas
Initiative of several synchronous and collaborative meetings in order to improve articles related to Chagas disease in Wikipedia. Promoted by the group ¿De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de Chagas? and organized by the Wikimedistas del Museo de La Plata (Argentina), with participation from the CUI and the Chagas Program of the OMS.
Date: April 19 th & May 3rd
Venue: (Virtual / Online)
Language: Spanish


Estreno del documental: "Chagas, orquesta invisible"
Documentary that addresses the silence, misinformation and prejudices related to Chagas disease and the people affected by this Neglected Tropical Disease in endemic areas and Argentina in particular, with more than 1.5 million people affected and millions exposed.
TRAILER (Youtube)
Date: March 14 to 20 th
Venue: Sala 3 - Cine Gaumont, Av. Rivadavia 1635 (BuenosAires, Argentina)
Language: Spanish
#IWearTheTShirt of the World Chagas Disease Day
With a simple gesture, you can support the visibility of the fight against Chagas disease. Wear the World Chagas Day T-shirt and upload it to your social networks with the hashtags #IWearTheTShirt of the World Chagas Disease Day or #MePongoLaCamiseta of the World Chagas Disease Day. For further information, click HERE o go to