NNN 2022 post-conference webinar

'NNN and the WHO NTD Road map - member support to national programmes'

01 December 2022 - 01 December 2022


The 13th Annual Neglected Tropical Disease NGO Network (NNN) Conference, brought together major stakeholders from over 50 countries to deliberate on innovative approaches to integrate and empower national NTD programmes for sustainable ownership.

This 75 minute webinar session will highlight what member organizations are doing to support countries in implementing the 2030 road map, following closely the 2021 NNN Conference Special Session. The 2021 session saw leaders from national governments, NGOs, and research organizations discuss changing expectations and roles of partners in advancing country ownership. In the 2022 session, the NNN seeks to directly engage with its membership and community base, in further advancing this discussion to produce an NNN statement on equitable partnerships to end NTDs.

The NNN 2022 post-conference webinar aims to foster greater collaboration and learning, encouraging all partners to re-evaluate operating models and celebrate best practices that support and empower national NTD programs.
The session will be presented in English, with French interpretation.


DATE: December 1st
⏰ 7:00 am (EST), 12:00 pm (GMT), 13:00 pm (CET), 17:45 pm (NPT)