Chagas Coalition Annual Meeting 2024

Chagas Coalition holds its Annual Meeting on May 7, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

07 May 2024 - 07 May 2024

Buenos Aires, Argentina


In Chagas Coalition we invite you to our Annual Meeting 2024, to be held in Buenos Aires (Argentina), on May 7th, prior to the meeting of the DNDi Chagas Clinical Reseach Platform, which will take place on May 8 and 9. As usual, we organize our meeting alonside events by our partners from both sides of the Atlantic. You can attend either in person or online, so we hope to see you, and so together we renew our energies to face the challenges ahead of us. Register now through the simple form set below. The event will be live, with english translation, and will take place in the morning, so check the agenda for more details.
Our Annual Meeting is held a few weeks after World Chagas Disease Day 2024, which is celebrated every April 14 to raise awareness about this disease, considered neglected because it has little attention on the public health agenda. It was first celebrated on April 14, 2020, following approval and endorsement by the World Health Assembly at WHO in May 2019. This year, the theme focus on "early diagnosis, treatment and follow-up", to raise awareness among patients, their families and health professionals about the need for an early diagnosis and lifelong follow-up for the people affected by this neglected tropical disease. This call has been official recently, in the slogan set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for this year's campaign: “Tackling Chagas disease: Detect early and care for life”.
Chagas Coalition has promoted this April 14 through a video made from the heart of this year's campaign, through the voice and participation of stakeholders from the Chagas community and a number of other social sectors worldwide.

Chagas Coalition - Message for #WorldChagasDay 2024