ChagasLeish/MEDTROP 2023

Next september Chagas will be discused at the SBMT's MEDTROP Congress to be held in the brazilian state of Bahia.

10 September 2023 - 13 September 2023

Salvador, Brazil

The 58th edition of the Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (MEDTROP 2023), which has as its theme “Challenges for Tropical Medicine in the 21st century: how to face them“, will be held in the modern beach-front Convention Center, located in Boca do Rio, next to the beautiful Armação beach. The event will include a broad and current scientific program, preserving and encouraging the meeting of professionals with different backgrounds, with the main objective of proposing multidisciplinary solutions to the main diseases that affect the Tropics.
As in previous editions, other satellite events take place simultaneously with MEDTROP: the Annual Meeting on Applied Research in Chagas disease and Annual Meeting on Applied Research in Leishmaniasis (ChagasLeish 2023), 10th National Workshop of the Brazilian Tuberculosis Research Network REDE-TB and 8th Brazilian Social Forum to Combat Infectious and Neglected Diseases. The program also includes pre-conference courses, round tables, mini-conferences, conferences, open themes for oral and poster presentations. The Chagas Global Coalition participated in a round table as a satellite session at the Sala Belém/Hangar.
The Chair of MEDTROP 2023, Dr. Mitermayer Galvão dos Reis recalls that in the twentieth century, Manuel Augusto Pirajá da Silva, born in Camamu, Bahia, contributed in a remarkable way to Tropical Medicine with his studies on schistosomiasis, leishmaniasis, Chagas disease, syphilis and mycoses, carried out at Hospital Santa Isabel. Dr. Reis also highlights the Bahian couple, Sonia and Zilton Andrade, who made outstanding contributions in the study of the anatomopathological aspects of tropical diseases, with greater emphasis on Chagas disease and schistosomiasis. The congress Chair stated:
“MEDTROP 2023 will be an opportunity to learn about the most relevant studies on tropical diseases that are being carried out by tropicalists from Bahia, Brazil and the world. The cheerful and warm people of Bahia are proud to host for the 5th time the Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine. We aim for the congress participants to not only experience the scientific and technical knowledge, but also to enjoy all the unforgettable cultural experience that Bahia can offer, with its art, music and cuisine, in our beloved city of Salvador, a source of pride for Bahia and Brazil”.
ChagasLeish 2023 - September 11-13th

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