XVIII Workshop on Chagas Disease

Focusing on a comprehensive care for the people affected by the T.cruzi that causes Chagas Disease.

11 April 2023 - 12 April 2023

Virtual / Barcelona (España)

The forthcoming XVIII Workshop on Chagas Disease will be held on April 11th to 12th, organized by ISGlobal from Barcelona. This event will be hybrid, available for both online and and in-person modality in Barcelona (Spain), and the entrance is free until seating capacity is reached. The workshop is open to different stakeholders, such as health, social, laboratory, and public health professionals
About 6 to 7 million people worldwide are estimated to be infected with Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease. Due to population movements, it has spread to urban areas and other continents beyond Latin America, where T. cruzi is transmitted through non-vectorial routes. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic puts Chagas patients at greater risk, placing them in a priority group for vaccination.
Today it is even more evident that Chagas disease requires a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, so that we can achieve greater progress in diagnosis and treatment of the disease, vector control, public health policies and the dissemination of knowledge among affected communities. To contribute to this advance, we invite you to participate in the XVIII Workshop on Chagas Disease.
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Contact: tallerchagas@isglobal.org