Paraguay strengthens its commitment to control Chagas disease

The Ministry of Public Health has published the first two National Guidelines of Chagas management with the aim of eliminating the disease as a public health problem.

12 July 2021

Presentation of the handbooks in Paraguay / Ministerio de Salud Publica y Bienestar Social

These first guidelines are a very useful and accessible tool for the health personnel about the management of protocolized care for affected people: One guidelines is dedicated to the management of Chagas in adults, and the other for women and babies.  
Considering that Paraguay achieved the certification of interruption of vector transmission in the whole country, in 2018, now the aim of the guaraní nation is to continue that endeavor by tracking the affected people and improving their access to diagnosis and treatment.  
The guidelines designed for the management of young women and children highlights the early detection, in childbearing and pregnant women as well as in newborn babies, as a priority for the elimination of the congenital transmission. It is also a tool to expand the access to diagnosis and treatment for the whole affected community. 
The guidelines have been supported by the advice of the Initiative of Chagas disease of ISGlobal and it is aligned with the latest PAHO guidelines for the region.
You can access to this information following this link.


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