Video-Message for the World Chagas Day 2024

This is a message for World Chagas Disease Day, April 14.

14 April 2024

Chagas Coalition - Message for #WorldChagasDay 2024



Chagas disease infection can be controlled if it is detected in time. the affected people are treated and offered a comprehensive care for life. However, seven million people have contracted the infection, and most of them do not have access to diagnosis nor treatment. Many millions more are at risk in Latin America, where the insect that transmits it is present, but also in the rest of the world, due to population movements. Who has contracted Chagas from any of the different transmission routes, os at risk of developing chronic pathologies, which can be avoided or controlled with early, comprehensive and continued care.

Millions of people can improve their life condition. We can break the silence that has accompanied this neglected disease for more than 115 years. With your voice from the affected communities. With your voice from the scientific community. With your voice from the political and financial sector. With your voice from the health systems. With your voice from civil society.
Share your voice with this message to help eliminate Chagas disease as a public health problem. The affected people need an early response and follow-up of the disease.
"World Chagas Disease Day is celebrated every April 14 to raise awareness about this disease, considered neglected because it has little attention on the public health agenda. It was celebrated for the first time on April 14, 2020, after the approval and the endorsement received by the World Health Assembly at WHO in May 2019". [OPS]
Theme 2024: Early diagnosis, Treatment & Follow-up.
"Raise awareness among patients, their families and health workers about the need for early diagnosis and lifelong follow-up of people affected by the disease".
Thanks to all the people who participated in the video:
Elizabeth Posada. Antropóloga, from Colombia. Chagas Coalition.
Irene Losada. Doctor, from España. ISGlobal's Chagas Initiative.
Adrián Nina, from Bolivia. Affected family.
Briyith Reyshell Huayllani Veliz, from Bolivia. Affected family.
María Elena Bottazzi, from Honduras. Baylor College of Medicine & Texas Children's Hospital.
Idalia Mercado. AMEPACH, from México. Affected family.
María Jesús Pinazo. Doctor,  from Bolivia. DNDi Chagas Program.
Luzía Lopes. Rio Chagas, from Brasil. Affected family.
Keyler Valverde, from Bolivia. Affected family.
Marcelo Abril. Executive Director Mundo Sano Foundation, from Argentina.
Help us make this World Chagas Disease Day reach everywhere. Follow @CoalicionChagas on your networks and share the communication material that we have prepared for this April 14 throughout this month:
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