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XVI Conference about Chagas Disease. Access to all contents.

In this space you can check all the contents off the online #JornadaChagas2021, held on April 15-16.

15 April 2021

The conference was chaired by our Coordinator, Javier Sancho, and organised by María Jesús Pinazo, Director of the ISGlobal's Chagas Initiative and opener of the conference; and Irene Losada, Coordinator for the Chagas Initiative; amonght other professionals, with special support of the Mundo Sano foundation.

“An attention focused on people” was the topic conecting all of the presentations, round tables and posters, gathering as usual a great number of professionals from different fields related to the Chagas Disease. Also, this year it was celebrated right after the World Chagas Day, on April 14th, so this ephemeris was present on several interventions. Another matter of interest was the situation of the population affected during the COVID-19 pandemia.

You can access to all contents from #JornadaChagas2021 following the links on this page. Do not forget to share these on you social network.


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