Applied Science and Studies for Health and Environmental Development

The CEADES Foundation is a Bolivian non-profit organisation whose main objective is to help solve the country’s most pressing health problems, with a particular focus on research and the treatment of neglected tropical diseases.

CEADES was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organisation (CEADES XXIII) and was recently reorganised as a foundation.

Since 2008, CEADES has conducted research and treated patients with Chagas disease in various settings. The organisation has developed healthcare models in various communities and in specialised units in six Bolivian cities (Platform for the Care of Patients with Chronic Chagas Disease).

CEADES is currently participating in several trials of new medicines and biomarkers of progression and cure of Chagas disease. The organisation belongs to various networks, including NHEPACHA, COHEMI, the Chagas Clinical Research Platform and other local networks.

Other areas of research include leishmaniasis, tuberculosis, HIV and co-infections, soil-transmitted helminthiasis, and environmental and health problems.

CEADES works with Bolivian and international partners on all its projects.


Contributing to the global fight against Chagas disease by adapting the protocol-based model to the structures of the Bolivian National Health System to create an inclusive healthcare network

CEADES, Cochabamba (Bolivia) - ISGlobal, Barcelona (España) - Bolivian National Chagas Control Programme, - Universidad Autónoma Juan Misael Saracho, Tarija, Bolivia - Universidad Mayor de San Simón, Cochabamba, Bolivia - Corazónes Unidos por el Chagas, Cochabamba, Bolivia - Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID), a través de la Oficina Técnica de Cooperación en La Paz,

Fortalecimiento del Sistema de Salud para el diagnóstico de enfermedades desatendidas, en especial Chagas, en Cochabamba (Bolivia)

CEADES, Cochabamba (Bolivia) - ISGlobal, Barcelona (España) - PROBITAS FOUNDATION, Barcelona, España