Salvando Latidos, A.C.

Salvando Latidos A.C. was born in 2018 with the purpose of developing public policies that impact the public health problems of Mexico and the world about cardiovascular diseases.
This altruistic and non-profit platform facilitates access to prevention, diagnosis, care and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases in the vulnerable population.
The generation of social impact projects leads to fundraising and through a network of specialized care in various public and private institutions in Mexico we seek to improve the quality of life of the population.
MISSION: Salvando Latidos A.C. will impact as many lives as possible as a leading nonprofit organization that aims to facilitate access by vulnerable populations to care for cardiovascular diseases and their complications, as well as, strengthen education and prevention strategies in the population with cardiovascular risk through projects of high social impact, medical care work and training of excellence in human resources in health.
VISION: Salvando Latidos A.C. will positively impact cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality in Mexico and the world by positioning itself as an internationally leading organization in prevention programs, care and rehabilitation of the patient with cardiovascular disease, which will be kept close to the people and governed by the principle of charity with the sole purpose of becoming a platform of hope and improvement of the quality of life of the human being.