World Heart Day 2023

"Use Heart, Know Heart": World Heart Federation launches this year's campaign as a reminder to everyone around the world to take care of their hearts.

29 September 2023

On September 29th, World Heart Day, the World Heart Federation launches a message to the world: "Use Heart, Know Heart". This year’s campaign focuses on the essential step of knowing our hearts first, clinically, but also symbolically from the importance society gives to it on a daily basis life perspective, thru its iconography and how people use it globally to express themselves.
This day is a reminder to everyone around the world to take care of their hearts, and to instutions to continue investing on research and development, to guarantee a better access for diagnostic and treatment of those in risk to suffer from health cardiovascular complications. On this regard, some estimates suggest heart transplants related to complications caused by Chagas Disease will have an incidence of 50% by 2050. It is essential to plan actions focused on preventing and reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The WHO estimates that Chagas affects about seven million people in the world, most of them in Latin America, where this neglected disease is endemic in 21 countries.

USE ❤️ KNOW ❤️
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