Official logo for World Chagas Disease Day

This image is meant to represent Chagas Disease in the world, and comes after a world collaborative process with the affected people as the main item.

14 April 2022


The production of the finalist logo of the World Chagas Disease Day is the product of an international collaborative work led by the Technical Group on Information, Education and Communication for the control of Chagas disease of the World Health Organization Chagas Disease Control Program. The public consultation was performed through the BeatChagas.
More than 120 people participated, men and women from more than 15 different countries, including people affected by Chagas disease, health care professionals, public health specialists, researchers, institutions and organizations from across the world.
The affected people, the real protagonists, are in the centre of the logo, representing their diversity; a loudspeaker symbolizes communication as a key factor to raise awareness and call on the community to take actions against the Chagas disease problem; the world as a whole is affected and challenged, irrespective of nationality or region; the heart represents the necessary empathy and solidarity.
In turn, the importance of respecting the brown and green colours (suggesting soil and flora), proposed in the General Assembly of Findechagas in 2018 was highlighted.
The production of this spot is a contribution of Mundo Sano Foundation and Elea.