Implementation of external quality control at tropical diseases reference laboratories

Centro per le Malattie Tropicali (CMT). Venue: Negrar, Italy

Area of Activity: Diagnóstico y/o biomarcadores
Type of Project: Capacity Building, Implementation

In order to improve quality controls in parasitic diseases diagnosis we decided to monthly participate to the external quality control for T.cruzi serology of the Programa Nacional de Controle de Qualidade, Brazil ( The objective is to improve the quality of diagnosis of Chagas disease at our laboratory and contribute to share this approach to other laboratories in Italy and Europe. To explore the possibility to an interlaboratory external quality control at national and international (European) level.

We want to assess applicability of an external quality control in the serological diagnosis of Chagas disease. Together with other laboratories of reference for Chagas disease diagnosis our aim is that of share this experience in order to improve quality of serological diagnosis in Chagas disease. This will be a pilot experience in Europe.