Chagas Clinic - Diagnostic and therapeutic management of Chagas disease in Comapa, department of Jutiapa

Médicos con Iberoamérica Ibermed. Venue: Dpto. de Jutiapa (Guatemala)

Area of Activity: Control & Prevention, Diagnóstico y/o biomarcadores, Epidemiology, Treatment
Type of Project: Implementation
The overall objective of the project is to reduce the incidence and prevalence of Chagas disease in the department of Jutiapa. The specific objectives proposed are (1) to perform sweeps with rapid diagnostic tests in population centers with high colonization rates with subsequent serological confirmation (2) to create circuits for clinical assessment and treatment of patients confirmed with Chagas disease (3) Actively seek out infants and siblings to rule out vertical transmission.
The interventions take place on the rural population of the municipalities of Comapa, Yupiltepeque, Conguaco and Jutiapa. All are planned jointly with the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, health areas and local health centers, aligned with their health programs and complementary to their activities.
There are predetermined circuits and specific personnel for patient care, it should be noted that Comapa has a Chagas Clinic in operation since 2019 as a physical place of reference for Chagas patients with medical personnel specifically designated for the integral approach of people, becoming quality care.
The activities we carry out are (1) serological sweeps with rapid diagnostic tests in villages or hamlets identified by local institutions as risk areas with a high rate of infestation and / or colonization with serological controls and extraction of serologies in positive reagents (2) clinical assessment and initial and annual follow-up of serologically confirmed patients (3) administration of treatment under supervision by referring personnel and periodic reviews to ensure therapeutic adherence and reduction of side effects (4) identification of HIV-positive pregnant women and active search for infant and other siblings to prevent and rule out, respectively, vertical transmission.
The results we expect are: (1) population sweeps carried out with good quality rapid diagnostic tests (2) people with Chagas disease identified in population centers at risk (3) treatments administered and periodic follow-ups to ensure a complete therapeutic regimen and mitigate side effects (4) Controlled vertical transmission.
Partnership with: Ministerio de Salud Guatemalteco- Área de Salud Jutiapa. Centro de salud y Clínica de Chagas Comapa. Centro de salud Jutiapa, Yupiltpeque y Conguaco

Women waiting Women waiting to be treated at the Chagas Clinic in Comapa, April 2023