Chagas Clinic - Diagnostic and therapeutic management of Chagas' Heart Disease in Comapa and other municipalities of the department of Jutiapa

Médicos con Iberoamérica Ibermed. Venue: Dpto. de Jutiapa (Guatemala)

Area of Activity: Control & Prevention, Diagnóstico y/o biomarcadores, Epidemiology
Type of Project: Implementation
The general objective of the project is to reduce the clinical impact of chronic Chagas' heart disease (CCC) through early diagnosis and specifictreatment, As specific objectives we propose (1) to assess clinical and perform electrocardiogram (ECG) to diagnose the disease (2) annual clinical review and ECG to patients diagnosed and treated for Chagas disease (3) detect signs suggestive of chronic Chagas' heart disease (CCC) on ECG (4) accompany and support cardiological training. (5) perform echocardiography on patients with suspected CCC (6) establish referral circuits health center/Chagas clinic → cardiology The interventions take place on the rural population of the municipalities of Comapa, Yupiltepeque, Conguaco and Jutiapa.
All are planned jointly with the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, health areas and local health centers, aligned with their health programs and complementary to their activities.
There are predetermined circuits and specific personnel for patient care, it should be noted that Comapa has a Chagas Clinic in operation since 2019 as a physical place of reference for Chagas patients with medical personnel specifically designated for the comprehensive approach to people, becoming a guaranteed quality care. The activities we carry out are (1) clinical assessment and ECG performance of people diagnosed with Chagas disease (2) annual clinical follow-up and ECG of all people diagnosed (3) detection of symptoms and signs suggestive of CCC (4) echocardiogram performance of patients with suspected CCC (5) support in the cardiological training of local reference personnel (6) circuits established for specialized cardiological care if necessary.
The expected results are (1) initial and annual assessment of people affected by Chagas disease (2) early diagnosis and treatment of CCC (3) ensure the identification by health personnel of clinical data and signs suggestive of CCC (4) guarantee comprehensive and quality cardiological care.
Partnership with: Ministerio de Salud Guatemalteco- Área de Salud Jutiapa. Centro de salud y Clínica de Chagas Comapa. Centro de salud Jutiapa, Conguaco, Asunción Mita, Yupiltepeque

IBERMED cooperator performing echocardiogram on patient at the Chagas clinic in Comapa, May 2022