Improvement of housing prone to the colonization of the bug T.dimidiata in rural population of Olopa

Médicos con Iberoamérica Ibermed. Venue: Caserío el Bendito, Olopa (Guatemala)

Area of Activity: Control & Prevention, Epidemiology, Information, Education & Communication (IEC)
Type of Project: Implementation
The general objective established in this project is to reduce the incidence of Chagas disease in the village of El Bendito (Olopa). The specific objectives are (1) to know the registry of houses with risk factors for the colonization of the bedbug (bajareque, adobe, earth soils, intradomiciliary animals, accumulation of logs and construction material, ...) (2) buy and transport material for improvement work (wall plastering, floor planing, relocation of pets, ...) (3) accompany the vector team in the improvements and maintenance of refractory dwellings.
The interventions take place on the rural population of the village El Bendito, located in the municipality of Olopa. All are planned jointly with the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, health areas and local health centers, aligned with their health programs and complementary to their activities.
The activities in which we participate are (1) identification of homes prone to the colonization of the bedbug by the vector team of the Health Area (2) prioritization of the most needy homes (3) training of the population in the improvement work (4) Purchase and delivery of material (5) Wall repelling and floor asphalting (6) Relocation of domestic animals (7) Advice and continuous accompaniment during the process. Subsequent periodic monitoring to ensure maintenance.
The results we expect are (1) to improve up to 60-70 homes in the village of El Bendito, Olopa, department of Chiquimula. Already restored 30 of them, pending funding to reach objectives. (2) reduce the rate of colonization by the vector T.dimidiata in improved housing (3) decreased incidence and seroprevalence of Chagas disease in the operated population (4) decreased post-treatment reinfections. 
Partnership with: Ministerio de Salud Guatemalteco- Área de salud Chiquimula Centro de salud Olopa. Equipo de vectores área de salud.

Risk housing. Bajareque house with abundant cracks, el Bendito, Olopa. May 2021