Sustainability strategies for long-term control of Chagas disease in rural communities of the province of Loja: community entomological surveillance system and productive gardens

CISeAL. Venue: CISeAL, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador

Area of Activity: Control & Prevention, Epidemiology, Information, Education & Communication (IEC)
Type of Project: Implementation, Other

Lead researcher of the project explaining how to perform a proper entomological search. By: Neketa Forde

This project is part of the Healthy Living Initiative (HLI, 2009 - 2022) which consists of a multidisciplinary effort for the long-term control of Chagas disease (CHD) by promoting comprehensive health and improving housing, through the approach of socio-economic dynamics. In this context, the project proposes to determine the response capacity to CHD in rural communities in the province of Loja, through the evaluation of a community entomological surveillance system to prevent triatomine infestation and the determination of the effect of the implementation of productive gardens to increase the economic income of families. In addition, the study evaluates the knowledge and uses of medicinal plants in the adult and adolescent population of Calvas, and their potential for local and national production and marketing. These strategies will develop mechanisms for the sustainability of 1) control and surveillance in the medium and long term of CHD, 2) increase the production of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants, using efficient and appropriate technologies for the environment, which can be commercialized locally, regionally and nationally improving the economic income and nutrition of families.

Members of the community working on their productive and medicinal gardens. By: Neketa Forde