Maintaining the Momentum for Chagas disease in the Context of COVID-19

On the 12 November 2020, in the second part of the 73 World Health Assembly – WHA, the road map entitled “Ending the neglect to attain the Sustainable Development Goals: a road map for neglected tropical diseases 2021–2030” was endorsed by Member States.

23 marzo 2021

I. Meeting opening, introduction and presentation of objectives
-  Fco. Javier Sancho Más - Chagas Coalition
-  Fausto Pinto - World Heart Federation
-  Pedro Albajar-Vinas - WHO Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases

II. Overview on recent impactful achievements; adaptation of work in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and new instruments and tools
-  Manuel Segovia - Regional Unit of Tropical Medicine of Murcia
-  Maira Carolina Guzmán - ASAPECHA
-  Veruska Maia da Costa - Grupo Técnico de doença de Chagas, Ministry of Health, Brazil
-  Marcelo Abril - Fundación Mundo Sano
-  Wilson Oliveira Junior - Coordinator of Casa de Chagas / Recife / Pernambuco / Brazil
-  Mauricio Vera Soto - Ministry of Health, Colombia
-  Blanca Lizett Chinchilla - Chagas subprogram. Ministry of Health. MSPAS, Guatemala
-  Rachel Marcus - LASOCHA
-  Ulrich Dietmar Madeja - Bayer
-  José Maurício Cysne - UNITAID
III. Special remarks and open discussion and Closing of the meeting
-  Nisia Lima - Fiocruz
-  Sergio Sosa-Estani - DNDi
-  Silvia Gold - Mundo Sano. Uniting to Combat NTds. Chagas Coalition Board
-  Hayato Urabe - GHIT
-  Mónica Quijano - Novartis Global Health
-  Norman Beatty - University of Florida
-  Irene Losada - Chagas Initiative. ISGlobal
-  Ezequiel Zaidel - WHF, Argentina


Co-organizers:  Chagas Coalition, World Heart Federation and WHO Department of Control of neglected tropical diseases 

Participants:  Representatives of Ministries of Health, policymakers, institutions and organizations WHO partners and stakeholders, associations of people affected by Chagas disease.