Several projects and country commitments reflect the progress on the control of Chagas disease but this progress should materialize in comprehensive, effective, and early access to care for all affected people from the first levels of the health system.

03 April 2023

Consult here the list of events on World Chagas Day 2023, which will be updated periodically.

This April 14, 2023, World Chagas Disease Day comes loaded with commitments from organizations and countries that will be shared at various events throughout the month. Recently, at the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, the commitment of member countries to the initiative for the control of mother-to-child transmission "No Baby with Chagas", which was approved at last year's summit, was ratified. Controlling vertical transmission opens a window of opportunity to bring comprehensive access to the whole affected community.
At the same time, WHO and PAHO have received and shared the call of affected people to strengthen control and care from the primary health care level: "The need for universal care and surveillance of Chagas disease starting with primary health care" will be the motto of this year's World Day.
To this end, the Global Chagas Coalition advocates for such care to be provided to affected people at an earlier and closer level with current diagnostic and treatment tools that have proven to be highly effective. It also recalls the need to encourage investment and support for research into new diagnostic and treatment tools that can facilitate access, with a view to meeting the goals of eliminating the disease as a public health problem in the coming years. All of this is included in the 6 commitments of the Bogotá Manifesto that the Coalition and the Chagas Platform share for adherence and dissemination.
Despite the efforts made so far, estimates speak of a global health problem that puts more than 75 million people at risk. 7 million suffer from this disease, 30% of which develop severe or fatal complications if not diagnosed and treated earlier. More than 10,000 babies are born with the infection. That is why it is important to arrive on time so that this treatable disease does not have to become a chronic affection or an entirely preventable cause of death. It is everyone's responsibility to reverse this history of neglect.

And this year, don't forget: #IWearTheT-Shirt of the World Chagas Disease Day.

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