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iChagas, an app with everything about Chagas disease

This is a tool meant to share and train the healthcare workers with precise and updated information about Chagas disease, in order to increase the amount of diagnostics and treatments amongst the affected people.

03 February 2022


This initiative takes part on the innovation projects promoted by DNDi, with the support of the Chagas Coalition and other allies.
iChagas is meant for speeding up access in Latin America, where Chagas is a silent disease that affects over 6 million people worldwide and is endemic in 21 countries in Latin America. Yet, despite being the deadliest parasitic killer in Latin America, only a minority of those affected get diagnosed and receive a proper treatment.
Health workers often lack access to the information they need to help identify and care for people affected by Chagas, and this creates barriers preventing people from getting medical care.
The mobile application iChagas is an innovative tool to help overcome this and support health workers. The app provides health workers with access to the latest medical and scientific information on how to diagnose and treat Chagas, in an easy to digest format. It features general and updated information with a focus on best clinical practice and healthcare. We are working with partners across Latin America as they integrate the app into their Chagas projects.
It’s important to note that the app is a training tool, not a decision-making tool. Nor is it a tool for collecting medical data from patients or for messaging with health staff.
The simple and accessible user-friendly app has been designed to meet the needs of health workers and patients who need it most, those in remote areas far from large hospitals and diagnostic and treatment clinics. It works both online and offline and is completely free. It is already on Android systems and will soon be adapted for Apple iOS. It is currently available in Spanish, with Portuguese and English versions coming soon.


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